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Ghost Town

This piece spawned from two things. First, I had previously created a sky painting for a less successful piece, and really wanted a way to reuse it. The second thing was a desire to merge my love of science fiction and my education in Classical Mediterranean history. What came out of this was a simple story, drawn particularly from Rome's destruction of Carthage in the Punic Wars.

In this case, we have a Ghost Town, a space port reminiscent of Mos Eisley with a North African twist. Helmets stand as trophies in the empty streets, and a ship leaves in the distance. Are they the perpetrator, a refugee, or simply a passerby?

Digital art. Blender, Photoshop.

front page rinere.jpg
ghost town thumbnails.jpg
desert city sketches.jpg
desert city 1.png
helmet spikes.png
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